Extreme ‘humility’ of ‘pope’ Francis

When he was elected on 13 March 2013, he appeared on the balcony without stole and mozzetta. He refused the papal pectoral cross and the papal shoes.


After his election, he went to the hotel where he stayed during the conclave, to pay his bill, which attracted media attention.

Newly elected Pope Francis checks out of church-run residence where he stayed in Rome

He doesn’t consider himself to be pope, but just the bishop of Rome. Therefore, he doesn’t write ‘PP’ in his papal signature.


He refused to take up residence in the papal appartments, so he is still staying at the guest house Casa Santa Marta, where, according to insiders, he has a whole floor.


He continues to like the attention and he refused the papal car of his predecessor. Instead, he now uses a Ford Focus and a Renault from the 1980s.

Italy Vatican Pope


Shortly after he was elected, he already replaced the papal chair.


In all his humility, he washed and kissed the feet of atheists and Muslim women on Holy Thursday.


And recently, he refused the Vatican diplomatic passport and he choses to travel with his common Argentinean passport.


This extreme “humility” of ‘pope’ Francis, or better known as the False Prophet, has been foretold by Our Lord.

On 5 March 2011:

“Pray, pray, pray that the False Prophet will be identified for what he is. Watch out for his demeanour. His attention seeking agenda, the way in which My misguided sacred servants will drop in awe at his feet. Then listen to what he has to say, carefully. His humility will be false, his intentions mischievous and the love he exudes will be all about him. He will be seen as being innovative, dynamic – a breath of fresh air.”


On 21 January 2012:

“He [the False Prophet] will present a wonderful and loving external charisma and all of My children in the Catholic Church will be confused.One sign to look out for will be his pride and arrogance hidden behind an exterior false humility. So fooled will My children be that they will think he is an exceptional and pure soul.”


On 14 March 2013:

“Remember that those who proudly display the badge of humility are guilty of pride. Pride is a sin”


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