Floodings in 2013

In the past year 2013 there were a lot of floodings worldwide. We put the main ones on a list.

1. Brazil, January 2013.

brazil jan 2013

2. Saudi Arabia, March 2013

16 dead in Saudi Arabia flash floods

3. Norway, May 2013.


4. Southern France, June 2013.


5.  India, June 2013.


6. Germany and Czech Republic, June 2013.

Flooding in Germany

7. Canada, June 2013.


8. South-West China, July 2013.


9. Eastern Russia, August 2013.


10. Sudan, August 2013.


11. Pakistan, August 2013.


12. Colorado, US, September 2013.

APTOPIX Colorado Flooding

13. Sardinia, Italy, November 2013.

sardinia 2013 november 18

14. Great Britain, winter 2013-2014.


UK Flood Warnings In Northern United Kingdom As Heavy Rain Storms Hit

The Lord gave us the following prophecies:

25 August 2011:

“My daughter, the world must now sit and heed Me. Very soon they will witness a series of earthquakes and floods. Chaos will be experienced in a number of countries through climatic catastrophes. These are the punishments cast down by My Father on mankind. Sin will be punished, My daughter, and those countries, which are guilty of promoting abortion, will not escape the Hand of My Father, as it will fall.”

11 August 2012:

My dearly beloved daughter the rains which will fall all over the world represent the deluge of tears which fall from My Eyes as I watch God’s children wander so far off the path of eternal salvation. The rains, the floods and the destruction of crops to come will be the result of a chastisement from Heaven. The valleys of tears will spring up everywhere and it will be blamed on climate change and global warming. But this is not so.

12 August 2013:

“The sins of the evil one will be glorified and as man finds himself sucked into this madness, the world will be shown the floods of wrath as My Father sweeps away many parts of many countries. Floods will be commonplace and you will know which parts of the world anger My Father the most, when the waters pour down in anger upon nations.”


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