Legislation of abortion in Ireland on July 30th 2013


On July 30th  2013, Ireland passed a new law that allows abortion under certain circumstances (by example: when the mother’s life is at risk) and it was signed by the president of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins.

The law came into effect on 1 January 2014.

The Virgin Mary gave us this message on February 17th 2012: (excerpts)

“Oh how I weep today as Ireland, the country most dedicated to me, their beloved Mother, falls prey to the evil one.

Attempts are now being made to introduce abortion and if this were to happen it will deeply offend my Precious Son.
My children should you introduce abortion in Ireland you will sever the link that has brought you so close to my heart.

Pray, pray, pray that these plans to introduce abortion laws do not take place. Should this happen, Ireland will lose much favour in my Father’s Kingdom. The sin of abortion is the most grievous in the eyes of my Father. It is the worst kind of genocide. You must fight this evil children. You must do it now or the last divine link which needs to be strengthened will, instead, be weakened.

They will force you to accept, in law, the right to murder children not yet born. Remember each soul was lovingly created by God the Almighty Father. Any man who chooses abortion or assists in the wicked act of abortion commits mortal sin.”


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