Weather patterns are going crazy

kaart temp winter 2014

Weather-wise, this has been a rather strange and memorable winter. A North American polar vortex and frigid Mars-like temperatures will do that. As this new NASA Earth Observatory map beautifully illustrates, it has been an anomalous winter, indeed.

Niagra waterfalls were frozen several times and the Great lakes were frozen over 90%.

The map above shows land surface temperature anomalies in North America for Jan. 1 to 7, 2014. Data was acquired by the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Terra satellite.

The map depicts temperatures for this period compared to the 2001–2010 average for the same week. Areas with warmer than average temperatures are shown in red, near-normal temperatures are white, and areas that were cooler than the base period are shown in blue.

A second map shows temperature anomalies in Europe during the same period. There it was a lot warmer than the average temperatures. In fact, it seems like they didn’t have a winter at all. It is as if it was autumn until spring came. And now at the end of March, in some parts of Europe, it almost feels like summer.


Past winter was a crazy one for the northern hemisphere: too cold for America and too warm for Europe.

During roughly this same period, Australia suffered an intense heatwave that brought record-breaking temperatures, while in South America, Argentinians faced a two-week heatwave that boosted temperatures more than 15°C (27°F) above average in some areas, causing widespread power and water shortages.

These dramatic changes in the weather patterns have been foretold:

20 December 2010:

“As these global disasters commence, with dramatic changes in weather patterns – which have already begun in a mild form – they will be seen as the result of global warming. Yes, mankind has damaged the Earth, in a very ugly manner, but these disasters will have nothing to do with climate change.”


2 October 2011:

My dearly beloved daughter, the weather patterns are now changing as yet another sign that times are about to change.


6 July 2012:

Know now that changes have already begun as prophesied where the crops will no longer yield their fruit as before and when the seasons will no longer be the same. These changes are by the Hand of My Eternal Father as He brings in new laws of the earth which no man will fail to notice. Nothing in the world governed by the laws of nature will remain as they once did. The seas will rise, the waters will pour, the earth will shake and the soil will become barren.

My Father will impose a great chastisement to stop the spread of sin which is a source of great sorrow for Him. Those nations which defy His Laws will suffer much. They will soon understand that their sins will no longer be tolerated and they will be punished.

Their punishment is to prevent them from infesting other souls and unless they change their wicked ways they will be forced to do so through divine intervention.


25 December 2012:

The climates will all begin to change and your weather will be different, in a way, which may seem strange to you.


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