‘Pope Francis’ and the televangelist Kenneth Copeland


On June 24th  2014, a delegation of evangelists was invited for a lunch with pope Francis at the Vatican.


Here we see the well known televangelist Kenneth Copeland praying and blessing Bergoglio.


The Lunch. Next to Bergoglio the fake bishop Tony Palmer, who died in a motorcycle accident on 20 July. Next to Tony Palmer, Kenneth Copeland.

On 21 January 2014 pope Francis himself sent a video message to the Kenneth Copeland Ministries:

“Laughing in the Spirit” with Kenneth E. Hagin. On 1:10  we see Kenneth Copeland.

Kenneth Copeland “speaks in tongues”:

Federal investigation of Kenneth Copeland:

Remember, the Lord told us on 10 June 2012:

“The False Prophet will not only take over the Catholic Church he will dictate over all Christian Churches which he will merge as one.”


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