“Saint” pope Francis: some of the offerings in religious shops

In religious shops at sanctuaries, one can buy almost everything imaginable from ‘pope’ Francis: large and small statues, books, calendars, images, …

The following pictures were taken at the pilgrimige site of Banneux in Belgium.


Large statues to place in churches:


Books and calendars:

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Image of Saint Francis of Assisi and “saint” pope Francis:



Once again, the Lord told us on 21 January 2012:

His lies will enthrall a naïve group of Catholic followers. He [the False Prophet] will present a wonderful and loving external charisma and all of My children in the Catholic Church will be confused. He will be treated like a living saint. Not one word out of his mouth will be questioned. He will also appear to have supernatural gifts and people will instantly believe he can perform miracles. Anyone who opposes him will be criticised and considered heretics. All truth regarding My teachings will be twisted. Everything will be a lie. Persecution will evolve slowly and be subtle at first.


And on 6 October 2013:

Very shortly, statues, relics, posters, cups and large commissioned paintings will be made of the false prophet to be placed in Churches everywhere. His image, along with the antichrist, in time, will adorn many public places, churches, political centres, as well as, in countries where their parliaments will be seen to embrace the Catholic Church in a ‘new light.’ This will create a new form of false evangelism, and because it will appeal to a modern secular society, it will attract admirers from all over the world.




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  1. Mary Wancewicz says:

    When I went to Rome last year, I thought it was disgusting how his picture was everywhere in the Vatican bookstore. I bought a rosary of John Paul II, so there.

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