The push to vaccinate your children

Alex Jones tells us about the push for vaccines. Despite the medical establishment’s best attempts to silence the vaccine industry’s countless victims, those affected most are speaking out in hopes to warn others.

Alex: “This is so critical what’s happening right now. There is a massive push across the world , a huge PR campaign, to arrest people that don’t vaccinate their children, to forcibly inoculate, to not let people travel, to publish the names and addresses of people that don’t vaccinate as if they’re pedophiles or something. This is a huge push and this is happening right now .”

Infowars producer Marcos Morales joined Alex Jones to break down a personal vaccine story and revealed the adverse reaction his daughter experienced shortly after a round of shots.

The Lord told us on 26 November 2010:

Watch out for the atrocities they will try to inflict through vaccination. Trust no sudden global initiative to vaccinate, which may seem compassionate in its intention. Be on your guard.

On 9 November 2012:

They will introduce a form of genocide, through compulsory vaccinations, against your children with or without your permission. This vaccination will be a poison and will be presented under a global healthcare plan.

On 17 June 2012:

My dearly beloved daughter the plans of the Masonic groups to take over the world currencies are getting close to completion. Their wicked plans also include a new global vaccination which will create disease all over the world to cause suffering on a scale never seen before. Avoid any such sudden global vaccination announced for it will kill you.


More messages about vaccination


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