Past May the ‘Hail Mary’ was no longer heard in the Vatican


Back in 2013, when Bergoglio had only just taken the Seat of Rome and hadn’t been able to pass any changes yet, on the 31st of May, he concluded the Marian month with a Rosary. Although that’s what the Vatican press agency said. However, Bergoglio didn’t pray in front of the public, a few laymen did this.

Below: Bergoglio “praying the rosary.” He barely moved his mouth! See also the video at 0:39:00.

rozenkrans bergog

Now, in 2015, in the agenda of Bergoglio of the month May, we don’t find any reference to the Marian Month or praying the Rosary.

Bergoglio’s prayer intentions for May: “That, rejecting the culture of indifference, we may care for our neighbours who suffer, especially the sick and the poor.”


On his twitter account during the entire month of May, there is not one reference to the blessed Virgin Mary or the Rosary!

And on the video website of the Vatican Television center (CTV), there is not a single video of Bergoglio praying the Rosary in 2015!


From the Book of Truth:

The Virgin Mary on April 14th 2013:

Anyone in my Son’s Church on earth, who leads the people, who cannot recite the Holy Rosary before his congregation, does not come from God.

And on February 12th 2014:

Soon, the “Hail Mary” prayer will not be heard inside or outside of my Son’s Church. Much disapproval will be shown to those who visit my holy Shrines and Marian groups will be criticised for many reasons, all without cause. Any admission regarding the authenticity of apparitions involving me, the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, will not be heard. All references to me will soon be frowned upon by a newly revamped shell of my Son’s Church on Earth. Devotions to me will be stopped in many churches, under the newly appointed regime to be introduced in the future. I will be forgotten about and then despised, by those who will claim to represent a new modern, all-inclusive church, which will bear little resemblance to the Church created upon the Rock, by my Son’s beloved apostle Peter.



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  1. You did not mention the public recital of the rosary which took place on May 4, 2013, at St Mary Major Basilica. The Rosary was also lead again by lay people, while the mr. Bergoglio remained on the side of the sanctuary, seeming to remain silent.

    1. The Crusader says:

      Thanks for the info!

    2. Philip W says:

      At what point do they show him not praying?

  2. rcorpin says:

    Probably this pope is not fond of the mother of Jesus., unlike Saint John Paul II.

  3. donnaliane72 says:

    To say whether someone is truly entering into prayer can be difficult to say- but if any of my children are clearly distracted (looking sideways at the camera) or mumbling the words in ‘group prayer’, they are going to be spoken to and corrected if necessary. If he can’t or won’t pray the Rosary, which is a great sign of pre-destination, we must pray it for him. And this is not the only sign, the pro-
    life group gave (or offered) to him the sign of all the Rosaries they had prayed on his behalf and his reaction was not appreciative, judging by his comment about ‘rosary-bead counters’. If you are not at least somewhat worried about Bergoglio, you need to pray to God about it. Ask Him what he thinks. He’ll answer you. Just be prepared to accept God’s response and direction.
    As a follow up, BFP posted an article saying that there was no major celebration planned for the Vatican on the Feast of the Assumption. I find that shocking.

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