Miracle of Healing Granted through Crusade Prayer 94

 We give you a beautiful testimony of someone from the Netherlands who knows a priest who was recently healed when he was dying, by praying  Crusade Prayer 94 as given in  the Book of Truth. A good old priest (93 years, see photo above) in our area became seriously ill in October 2015. He received a hefty flu with double pneumonia and was visibly dying.
In January 2016 his condition was so critical that it was decided to take him to a nursing home for religious and administer to him the Sacrament of the dying (Extreme Unction).
When I visited him, he could hardly speak and he hardly reacted. The next day I visited him again, and took the Crusade Prayer of Healing, plus the corresponding message. His condition was unchanged when I arrived. I explained to him the message briefly and read it. I asked him to pray the prayer with me and asked if he would be willing and able to pray it in the future, by himself. A curt nod was his answer, he was not able to say much!
After praying, I left the message and prayer in his room lying down and went out with the knowledge that only God could help him now.
A few days later I visited him again and to my surprise he was sitting next to the bed on a chair and could again conduct a conversation with me! That week I visited him several times and I wondered at his quick recovery! Now he is back in his own monastery and it is as if nothing was ever happened! He has returned to Eucharistic celebrations, visiting the elderly, hearing confessions, etc. He himself speaks of a great miracle that he has recovered so well!
We pray that God may give him many more years!
The  healing prayer that was consciously prayed:
Crusade Prayer 94 To Heal the Mind, Body and Soul.

“O dear Jesus, I lay myself before You, weary, sick, in pain and with a longing to hear Your Voice.

Let me be touched by Your Divine Presence, so that I will be flooded by Your Divine Light, through my mind, body and soul.

I trust in Your Mercy.

I surrender my pain and suffering completely before You and I ask that You give me the Grace to trust in You, so that You can cure me of this pain and darkness, so that I can become whole again and, so that I can follow the Path of Truth and allow You to lead me to life in the New Paradise. Amen.”

Story translated and reblogged with permission from ‘Crusader’ at :

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  1. cathee159@aol.com says:

    WOW!!!! Beautiful testimony! I believe it with all my heart that this was done through Gods Holy Will! And through this Crusade prayer! I will read this Message w this prayer again..thank you for the testimony!


    Catherine A


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