Worldwide Miracles and Mystical Events regarding the Book of Truth


The  Worldwide “Mission” of the Book of Truth

From the earliest stages of organising the very first ‘Book of Truth Mission’, the Australian Mission, accounts of miracles and mystical experiences began to emerge. These miracle stories initially came from phone conversations with people who were helping organize venues. They were then reinforced as we met those people at the venues around Australia. Then other people came forward at those talks informing us of the signs, miracles and mystical experiences that had happened to them.

Following the Australian mission was the USA Book of Truth Mission, in which more people came forward with their extraordinary and wonderfulstories of Divine Intervention.

The various missions that followed, have continued to result in accounts of these interventions, providing  confirmation from God that indeed the messages He is giving to the world through Maria Divine Mercy are authentically from Heaven.


Stories to Emerge from the Australian Mission

First Story

Melbourne,  Australia

Mission team member writes, “The very first Maria Divine Mercy related miracle I heard of came from a Melbourne lady, Penny. She is a very substantial, devout and prayerful lady. She is married to a medical doctor and together they have traveled to many third world countries where her husband has been providing his medical expertise to help the poor in those countries. Seal image

Penny had a friend from Perth WA staying with her for a few days. On a given day she gave her friend a copy of ‘The Seal of the Living God’ which had been blessed by a Catholic priest. As her friend was in the process of taking the ‘Seal’ to her bedroom, to put in her suitcase, to take it back to Perth, she was passing through the lounge room. On a ledge above the window of the lounge room sat a ‘replica crossbow’ which Penny’s son had bought in Assisi, Italy, 11 years prior. It had been sitting in the same position for years and had not moved. As the Perth lady was crossing the room the replica crossbow came flying off the ledge from a height of 2 meters, moving a distance of three and a half meters across the room and landed clunk in front of her feet. She immediately internally had the words come, ‘The weapons of the evil one will not prosper against you’. This was obviously an extraordinary event, through which Lord was miraculously confirming the powerful protection provided by the ‘Seal of the Living God’, Crusade Prayer 33, along with being a confirmation of the authenticity of His messages coming to us through Maria Divine Mercy.”

(This is an excerpt that has been re-blogged with permission from

For easy reading I will post one story at a time for your encouragement. There are many more. Please keep up the prayers and may God bless all the readers of this site+++



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