Worldwide Miracles of the Book of Truth 4th Story

Gold Coast,  Australia

A gentleman, Bernhard, came forward after we completed the presentation at the Gold Coast venue, in state of Queensland.

He said that in late November of 2012, which was 2 months prior to our meeting and speaking with him, he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. On January 15, 2013, Maria Divine Mercy was given Crusade Prayer 94:”To Cure The Mind Body And Soul”. He started to regularly pray this prayer with the hope of a healing. Bernhard said on one particular day, he prayed Crusade Prayer 94, three times.

He felt drawn to say it more slowly and more deeply each time, until when he prayed it the third time, it was extremely slowly and deeply that he prayed the words of that prayer. He then felt something happening inside. Two weeks later he went to his doctor who declared he was free of cancer. This is a first class miracle as there are medical records documenting his medical condition both before and after the miracle. Bernhard remains in perfect health to this very day, which is now three years after the healing took place.

Bernhard writes:

“During the 2013 ‘Book of Truth Mission’ to Australia to learn more about the ‘WARNING SECOND COMING’ messages, my wife and I attended the seminar on the Gold Coast, where we live. It was there that I had the opportunity to share my testimony with the people present.  This is my story for the praise and glory of God.

Last November 2012, I was asked by my doctor to go for a routine blood test.  A few days later I was informed by her that my blood levels showed “alarmingly”high amounts of a substance that pointed in the direction of prostate cancer.  She asked me to come to her surgery to pick up a referral to a specialist in a local cancer clinic. She asked me to make an appointment, which I did, for the 24th of January 2013.  I was worried of course, especially since I exhibited all the symptoms associated with prostate problems. The specialist discussed the results of the blood test with me, confirming that I needed treatment.  I was asked to sign a document allowing them to conduct a relevant combination of chemotherapy and radio therapy treatment.  Prior to the commencement of the treatment, I was asked to have another blood and urine test for the next appointment on the 28th of February.

Well, I was very concerned of course and it really tested my faith.  I had not mentioned the situation to my wife because I did not want to worry her.  Over the years I had read much on the Divine Will, the importance of saying “Fiat” and to stay in peace.  During that time I continued to read the ‘WARNING SECOND COMING’ messages and recited the Crusade prayers given to us by Our Lord to help save our brothers and sisters. I can attest that they are most powerful and strengthening for our spirit.

 In particular I began to often pray the Crusade Prayer 94 ‘To Cure the Mind, Body and Soul’. I kept CP94reading the associated message of the 15thof January 2013, “Please take this new Gift of Healing I present to you now.” From that point onwards, putting all my faith, trust and love into it, I recited that prayer every day.  On one occasion when I prayed it deeply and meditatively, I had a sensation urging me to say it a second time even more slowly and deeply.  Immediately, I was aware of a special presence in my soul urging me to repeat it a third time. Immediately again I was flooded with peace and the gift of knowing that everything is in His Divine Will, “By reciting it you will know that this request for help will bring down upon you, and those you include in this prayer, great gifts from Heaven.”

The time came for my second blood test and on the 28th of February I was heading for the cancer clinic.  My wife still had no idea.  After sitting for approximately two hours in the surgery observing all the sick and frightened men, it was finally my turn to see the specialist.  During the whole time I was calm and felt at peace, having put everything trustfully in Jesus’ hands.   When I was called in, the specialist was quite out of sorts and dumbfounded.  Holding in his hands the result of the second blood and urine test, he was almost angry saying” what am I supposed to do with this, I don’t know what to tell you now.”  Although I am close to 70 years old, the blood and urine test was absolutely perfect across the whole spectrum, “better than a young and healthy man’s” according to the specialist.  Although I was totally surprised, I had felt in my heart during the whole waiting time in the surgery, that the Lord had intervened.  Sometime later, I became aware that the symptoms had totally disappeared.  Both my wife and I were overwhelmed with gratitude for the healing that the Lord had granted me.

We would like to thank God for his mercy and for the truth and faithfulness of His Word.  This healing has touched our family deeply and we are continuing to pray the very efficacious Crusade Prayers.  All praise and glory to our God!


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  1. says:

    What a BEAUTIFUL testimony to this Crusade Prayer! Beautiful indeed!

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