Worldwide Miracles of the Book of Truth: 6th Story

Dubbo, NSW,  Australia

Mission Team Member writes, “When on the Australian Mission we were at Brisbane Airport, about to fly to Darwin, a lady, Leisa, from the New South Wales inland city of Dubbo phoned us. We had not been anywhere near Dubbo on the mission itinerary.

Leisa excitedly told us that she had been printing the Crusade Prayers on an inkjet printer and noticed that a beautiful floral fragrance was coming from the pages of the printed prayers. I came to meet up with Leisa and her husband, Andrew, a few days later. Without any probing on my part, Andrew proffered me the information that the fragrance was overwhelmingly strong.

To test what was happening they decided to examine other material that they had recently printed, of a non-religious nature.   No fragrance!!

They decided to print some more new pages but with different content- again of a totally unreligious nature. Again no fragrance. Therefore the fragrance appeared to be coming from the actual words of the prayers themselves– not the printer or paper.

Leisa was very much uplifted, and profoundly affected by this experience.

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