Worldwide Miracles and the Book of Truth: 10th Story

Matthew – Queensland,  Australia – as written by his mother

“I am here to give God the glory, through the messages of Jesus to Mankind. I wish to share with you what my son, Matthew experienced.
He is 38 years old, married with 2 young children and lives in Queensland. Just over 2 years ago Matthew had a conversion experience, shortly after he was diagnosed with leukemia. He had not practiced his faith for about 18 – 20 years. He now follows our Catholic faith in fullness and reads the messages faithfully.
Matthew shared with me that he had read the message given by the Father on January 27th, 2014. He said that as he began to read the sentence before the prayer, HE FELT A BIG HAND COME AROUND HIM and it lasted about a minute. “I did not know what I was about to read when I began to feel the big hand come around me”.jesus

The message of January 27th, 2014, given by the Father is as follows:
“Not one of you will be left untouched by My Hand of Mercy. Allow me to open your hearts so that you will be blessed by My Hand.
Say to me:

‘Dearest Father, reach out and touch my body and soul with Your Hand of Mercy Amen’.

I will respond immediately to your call.”

Matthew once said to me that his condition is a blessing.
Lord, I give you my heartfelt thanks, glory and honour for all you have given to our family. Lord your Holy Will be done.

Postscript: Jesus  said that miracles would abound but that the greatest miracles are conversions. Therefore thank God when a conversion happens because this is the greatest miracle that anyone could ever hope for and receive! And when you think about it, those miracles are the ones that really matter and the fruit that is hoped for, of all other miracles as well. God bless+++ Donna Liane.

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