Easter Miracle video: Worldwide Miracles and the Book of Truth

This is the testimony of some of the people who were firsthand witnesses to this amazing Easter Miracle and Sign which God provided on Easter Sunday 2014 in a little Catholic Church in Darwin, Australia.

Rita is a fervent Crusade prayer warrior in the Jesus to Mankind Mission of Salvation.Note that whenever she went near the Tabernacle with Our Lord’s presence or the Seal of the Living God or the Book of Truth, the oil flowed more profusely from her body.

The oil, which was later found, after scientific testing to be parrafin oil, that spontaneously was exuded from Rita’s body, is a smokeless, odourless oil that is traditionally used to light the Sanctuary Lamp. This lamp burns beside the Tabernacle, indicating Our Lord’s Presence in the Eucharist within, and calling us to Adoration.

This parrafin oil, however, which miraculously appeared on Easter Sunday, also inexplicably exudes for many people an amazingly beautiful fragrance. Some say they smell roses. . Upon receiving Rosary beads touched to the oil, I immediately smelt a heavenly fragrance which I would describe as a mixture of florals, including roses- maybe many different roses! (I’m no floral expert!). And not just on my Rosary beads but on all those touched by the miraculous oil.

This rather large sign is sent by God to confirm yet again, the authenticity and the power of Jesus’ Mission of Salvation:

to seek to save every single soul on earth and to prepare the world for His Second Coming.

(See previous article on this site: Worldwide Miracles and the Book of Truth 8th Story for more information)



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