Worldwide Miracles and the Book of Truth: 11th story

Darwin,  Australia

An Australian ‘Jesus to Mankind’ prayer group was meeting in a Catholic Church, with the permission of the Parish Priest.

On a given occasion, as the prayer group was meeting, the Parish priest came along and became upset with the nature of one of the recent messages that had come through Maria Divine Mercy. He was reproaching the prayer group leader for approximately 30 minutes in relation to his concerns.

Meanwhile the prayer group was waiting patiently to commence praying.

One of the prayer group members, a Filipino lady, randomly opened a volume of the ‘Book of Truth’, and it opened at a message in which the Lord was saying that so many of the clergy would oppose these messages. This lady went forward to show to the priest and prayer group leader the message that her eyes fell upon when she opened the book.

There was another prayer group member present, who also was Filipino.

She explained that she had been napping 2 hours before the prayer meeting was to commence.

She had ‘a dream’ during that nap.

In the dream she saw the PP admonishing the prayer group leader, along with seeing the first Filipino lady holding a book open and showing it to both the priest and the prayer group leader!


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