Worldwide Miracles and the Book of Truth: 12th & 13th Testimonies

Melbourne, Australia

Mission Team Member Writes:  On a given occasion I visited and spoke to one of the Melbourne ‘Jesus to Mankind’ prayer groups. At this meeting I spoke of the many stories of miracles associated with the ‘Book of Truth’ messages and the ‘Crusade Prayers’. After the meeting, the lady Martina who is the leader of the Prayer group, drove two ladies who attended, back to their respective homes. One of those ladies, before getting into the car, announced that she smelt a strong floral fragrance. For the entire journey home she continued to experience that fragrance. She told Martina that the fragrance was imagesemanating from her, Martina.

Neither Martina nor the third lady in the car could smell a thing. When she climbed out of the car the lady could still smell the fragrance.

Jesus Appears to Martina

The same lady, Martina, was at home one day when Jesus appeared to her, physically. She held His hand and He was with her for approximately 30 minutes. The significance here is that  Jesus appeared to a lady who had been a Crusade Prayer group leader for over 3 years, and an avid follower of the messages coming though Maria Divine Mercy.

Martina writes:  The Night I saw my Friend Jesus.

“Mother’s Day Night, 11th May 2014

I had to work Mother’s Day and came home at 7.30pm.  After a tiring day I went to bed at about 10.30pm.

I settled down in bed and closed my eyes, then before me, I saw Jesus.

Immediately I said, “Hello Jesus, nice to see you!  You’re wearing something different today!” (What He was wearing I had never seen before, in any pictures or statues of Him) I could see him looking at me. His face looked exactly like in the picture of Him that Maria Divine Mercy has, with bright blue eyes.

Next I knew I was holding His hand and telling him how much I loved Him and kissing His hand tenderly. At the same time, feeling His great Love; a love so great and beautiful I cannot describe it; a love that penetrates your whole being.

After this, I looked at Jesus standing before me and He was not wearing the usual gown but on His chest, a breast plate (like the ones worn in Roman times). The breast plate was whisailing shipste with a gold trim.  On the front of the breast plate I could see two ships (ships like the ones Don Bosco saw with the Pope standing at the front of the ship), and the two ships were moving as though they were at war with each other, fighting each other.”

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