Worldwide Miracles and the Book of Truth: 15th Story

Western Australia

‘C’s husband and parents (her in-law’s) were miraculously saved in a potential car accident near ‘C’s home.


Her father-in-law, who does not believe in religion, was driving back to their home after shopping in a neighbouring town and was suddenly forced to drive the car onto the gravel shoulder of the road when approaching a bend, because a car was approaching on the wrong side of the road (forcing him to make this move).

The roads are thickly lined with very large trees on both sides, which made for a potentially fatal scenario, and even though C’s father-in-law had moved onto the shoulder of the road, the oncoming vehicle still headed directly at them.

With no option to avoid the oncoming vehicle and facing certain death C’s father-in-law felt a strong hand (not visible) take control of the steering wheel , manoeuvring the vehicle safely past the oncoming vehicle with less than a centimetre between them and bringing their car safely to a stop!

The oncoming vehicle corrected itself and continued on its journey without stopping.

C’s husband after climbing out of the vehicle commented to his parents that he watched the vehicle get closer and closer and as the gap closed to within 1cm, he felt absolutely certain they would make contact and he prepared himself to leave this earth.

C later told her husband  and his parents that they were alive for one reason and one reason only and asked her husband to then take the ‘Seal of the Living God’ out of his wallet and show his parents. He had the Seal on his person and also in the glove box of the car when this incident occurred.

After many previous attempts of trying to communicate the great gift that the Seal of the Living God is, to his parents, they finally asked to have The Seal which they have placed in their car and home.

‘C’ also said that many people have conveyed to her that the heavenly fragrance (smell of roses) has come from ‘Seal of the Living God’ when they open the envelope, having sent The Seal to ‘Book of Truth’ followers, in a number of countries around the world.

seal latin

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  1. Catherine Asaytuno says:

    I, too, have a similar story pertaining to a car “save”. I have printed and laminated the Seal of the Living God and always drive with it and put it in my glove box. One day my old Ford Taurus was making so much sound I thought the bottom of the car was going to completely fall off. I kept driving the car because I was confident nothing was going to happen to the car. I guess I was testing the waters to see how far the Seal would take me. Lo and behold the Seal did save me and the car because that wobbly sound underneath was my axle breaking making the drivers side wheel completely pop off— but in this case didnt! I kept driving on the wheel for about another half a mile until it completely stopped on me! My left driver side wheel completely came off but stayed on for my sake until I completely halted. My dad was such in awe and couldnt believe how I was still able to drive it! He said I was lucky it didnt completely pop off and fly off and hit another vehicle infront of me! Also he said I was lucky I was still able to drive it for another half a mile! When help finally came I looked outside and saw flowers blooming in the trees and felt such a peaceful calm outside. I saw the sun shining and saw flowers blowing around. It felt like such a new spring! Mind you this happened in February in New Jersey when it is usually bitter cold! But not this day! It felt like May! With flowers blooming every where! I knew God was with me and He was giving me a most Blessed sign 🙂

    1. DonnaLiane says:

      That is the most beautiful amazing story Catherine! The way you described it, I felt I was there! ☺️ Thank you for sharing God’s loving and joyous protection.

      1. Catherine Asaytuno says:

        You are quite welcome Donna!

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