Easter miracle in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia – video

From youtube:

This amazing miracle occurred in a church on Easter Sunday and was witnessed by the congregation, four priests and the bishop, who approved the miracle.

When I heard about this miracle I knew that it was significant and needed to be documented and recorded so I spent two weekends with my smart phone video recorder and took the testimonials of Rita, followed by the some of the witnesses from this small rural church in the outback of Northern Australia.

All of the people I recorded for this production were not asked questions. I was just lead to a number of different people, pointed my camera and recorded what they had to say. This meant that I didn’t fully understand myself before I started filming the extent of what happened that day. All the testimonials you will see were made in one take.

In addition, I started to read the Book of Truth when I heard about this miracle was directly related to this Book. It was very moving for me to realise that these words were profound in a way that is difficult to explain. Its as if you are hearing the Voice of someone who knows you and understands you perfectly, the Voice of Jesus – and thats just what it is because Jesus is now reaching out to the world through the end times prophet, Maria Divine Mercy, of this I have no doubt.

Try it yourself, read the messages with an open heart, if you dare, and see how the words there come with a power that comes from the Holy Spirit.

We are reminded in the Bible about the risk of not listening to prophets- Always, God’s prophets were rejected and defamed. Why is this? How knows, but we do know that in the Bible we are told that there would be an end times prophet, a 7th Messenger.

Some of you may doubt that we are living in end times, that is the time before the Great Second Coming of Jesus to restore His magnificent Kingdom where we will be happy beyond our dreams forever. If you are in this camp, I encourage you to start with the Book of Revelations in the Bible, then look on the internet for videos about the end times, and signs that they are now upon us, and you will see that all the signs are there…

You may think that it is only ignorant people who have such a view but don’t be so sure. If you are correct in so thinking then it does not hurt to explore the possibility that there is more going on than you are aware of.

I was in that same mind frame until recently when I started studying events in the world not just as they are presented in the main stream media.

And read the Book of Truth with an open mind, remember that a number of things predicted in the Book of Truth have already happened in the last few years, but more changes are ahead of us in the very, very near future…

These changes are critical and we must be ready both spiritually and materially, not just for the Great Second Coming but for the difficult times ahead which are designed to purify us and prepare us so that we repent and are made worthy to enter those Glorious Gates, the Gates of pearl, as described in the Bible.
God bless.


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