Worldwide Miracles and The Book of Truth: 16th Story

The next few stories are from The USA Crusade groups…

Orange County CA, USA
A Mission Team Member writes, “David was a very significant helper in the organising and helping with the US Mission. He was responsible for helping us find the physically biggest venue for that mission. He also came to help us in a most significant way with the US Mission overall.

We went to Holy Mass with him the morning after we had completed the presentation at the venue he had organized.

During the Mass at a certain point, I saw that David was kneeling and bent forward with his hands to his face. My immediate thought was that David certainly looked to be a very holy and prayerful guy.

It was later at breakfast that David explained what happened at Mass, without my questioning him, because the incident had left my mind.

He said that all the way through the Mass from beginning to end, he experienced the heavenly fragrance (smell of roses).

David, a big strapping guy, was obviously very moved by this experience, as he had tears in his eyes as he related the experience to us.” David’s wife, Kelly said that when he came home after Mass that morning, he was weeping unrestrainedly. This was the second time Kelly had ever seen her husband cry. The miraculous sign was a strong confirmation to David and ourselves that all relating to ‘The Book of Truth’ was truly from Heaven!

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