Worldwide Miracles and The Book of Truth 18th Story

 St Louis MO, USA

Julie, the organiser of the two St Louis venues, had two printed signs made up to help the attendees find their way to the Book of Truth seminars in St Louis MO.

The signs were in the form of the Seal of the Living God. No Prayers were on the sign, just the ‘Red Seal’, with the sign being roughly one square yard in size.

Before the first St Louis meeting, when it was still light outside, Julie decided to move one of the signs from where she had first placed it, to a new position.

When she emerged from the venue at the end of the meeting, being late at night, darkness had set in. She then saw something that took her breath away. The sign that she had moved, now had a spotlight shining flush onto it.

Then, even more astonishing, when Julie’s mother came out from the venue she also saw the sign, but she did not see the Red Seal on it, she saw the Face of Jesus, with the Crown of Thorns on His Head.

(Re-blogged with permission from the summary available at 


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