Worldwide Prophecies and the Book of Truth 19th Story

Warsaw, Poland

At the end of a Book of Truth seminar in Warsaw a gentleman came forward to speak with the Mission Team Speaker.

He was approximately 6 feet 6 inches tall, with the looks of a film star. He said to the speaker, “I am a victim soul. I saw you surrounded by blue light throughout the talk.”Seal of The Living God

At the same venue in Poland, another man came forward to the Mission Team Speaker saying that his mission in life now is to distribute ‘The Seal of the Living God’ to as many as possible. Recently he had given the ‘Seal’ to a man who had tried to commit suicide (twice). Two weeks after he had given this man the ‘Seal’, he tried to commit suicide again  by taking 130 sleeping tablets. The man survived the attempt, was in a bad way and had wanted to die but he said , “The Seal would not let me die.”

What a strong and graphic illustration of the powerful protection ‘The Seal of the Living God’ provides! This is not to say that it offer immortality by any means, but that God would not let this man die in mortal sin. The Seal of the Living God offers spiritual and physical protection. He testified to its Power.

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