Worldwide Prophecies and the Book of truth 21st Story

Cebu, Phillipinesour-lady-and-angels

Approximately 400 people attended the seminar in Cebu. At the end of the day, when most had left to go home, and only 70 or so remained, a young lady in her mid 20’s, Jade, came forward, explaining that she had experienced a mystical event during the presentation. Jade is one who had experienced the mystical a number of times before in her life.Ola and angels

She told us she had seen Our Lady standing behind the speakers as they presented their talks. Our Lady was luminous. Her arms were extended towards the audience. Light was radiating from her hands and arms onto all those present at the meeting. There were cherub angels above Our Lady. St Michael the Archangel was present. She saw devils outside the windows of the venue trying to get in, but they could not.


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