Prophecy, Pledges and Anti-Allegiance


Another prophecy has been recently fulfilled, at least in part. God warned us that Catholic clergy will be asked to take a pledge of allegiance to the False Prophet (Francis) and not to Him, Jesus Christ, Lord and God. This is clearly wrong and has a sinister aim which some priests, bishops and cardinals may not be aware of. We owe allegiance and obedience to Christ and His Church, not man. The Free Masons in the Vatican  want to lead you into a new one world religion and change the Mass. This pledge is the first step.

These 9 cardinals who have already signed the pledge have no idea what they are in for. It is a trap – to keep them there and make it difficult to leave when they realize the truth.

“Heed now, My warning – side with the beast and swear an unholy oath to…

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