Prophecies (from the Book of truth) fulfilled: Part 6

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  1. Dismissing loyal followers:


 “He will make efforts to dismiss those loyal followers of My beloved Holy Vicar Pope Benedict XVI, appointed by Me. He will root out all those who are loyal to My Teachings and throw them to the wolves.

Prophecy Fulfilled:


  • The Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments:

On Oct 28, 2016. “The Vatican office …has confirmed that Pope Francis has decided not to renew the terms of several of its bishop-members, many of whom are known for preferring a more traditionalist practice of liturgy.” 27 new members were appointed, of which 16 existing members’ terms were not renewed. Cardinals Burke and Pell were among those whose terms were not renewed. See article at:

These new members will be in opposition to the traditionalist-minded CardinalRobert Sarah, and will effectively, tie his…

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  1. Kathy Jilk says:

    Look up message Nov 28th, 2014 and homoerotic paintings in church “The sins of man will be elevated before My Eyes and placed before My Alters as a gesture of defiance”. And also another so called “The Book of Truth’ Has surfaced, author claiming to have messages from God, I know it’s false there is no other since MDM. Just thought to let you know, thanks for all of your posts. All Praise Honor and Glory be to Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.


    1. DonnaLiane says:

      Thank you so much Kathy! All for God’s Glory! I was just commenting to my mum, afte reading the article about that awful blasphemous painting, that there must be a prophecy about this! Mum and I couldnt think what but I hoped to find it. You were the answer to prayer. This is all our work and all for Jesus! +++

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