Worldwide Miracles & The Book of Truth 23rd Story

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

One of the venues in Ho Chi Minh City was a coffee shop with about 50 people present. An interpreter was used for all of the venues in Vietnam as very few people there speak English.

One of the mission team was speaking of the many times the smell of roses (heavenly fragrance) has occurred in relation to the Book of Truth mission.

As he was describing this, the faces of a group of around 6 ladies all lit up. Through the interpreter they explained that they were experiencing the heavenly floral fragrance, just as the mission team member was speaking of this phenomenon. There were no flowers present and no-one else could smell it. Others tried hard to always catch a whiff of the fragrance but could only smell coffee! This confirms its supernatural nature, as with a physical smell, all present would have been able to pick up such a strong scent!

For those unaware, this supernatural smell of roses is often associated with Our Lady of the Rosary or Blessed Mother Mary, and it is taken as a sign of her spiritual presence or blessing. In researching the gift of smells as a supernatural phenomena, many churches only testify to putrid smells associated with demonic infestations. To me, that seems oddly unbalanced. In actual fact, there are a few scents that frequently coincide with miracles in Catholic experience; the scent of roses ( as explained), the supernatural occurrence of the scent of incense (associated with Our Lord) and a smell that occurs during the death of a very holy person or Saint, called the “odour of sanctity” which is recognised and recorded in the annals of the Catholic Church. So, to all our readers, if you happen to smell roses while reading this story, take it as a sign sent from heaven especially for you; to confirm the authenticity of the heavenly messages to which we testify.

God bless, Donna Liane✝✝✝🌹

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