Worldwide Miracles & the Bookof Truth: 24th Story

Auckland, New Zealand

Mara is a lady originally from China, now living in New Zealand.

She was born into a totally non-religious family. She later joined a certain Protestant Christian  religious sect.

After discovering ‘The Book of Truth’ messages, she converted to Catholicism.

As she was striving to live the messages coming from Heaven through Maria Divine Mercy, she decided to fast one day each week.

Mara however had a big hurdle to overcome if she was to be able to fast. She had experienced stomach problems for many years, and had to follow a strict eating regime each day, in order to avoid excruciating stomach pains.

She told the Lord that she wished to follow his request to fast once per week, but that if she were to do this He would have to heal her.

The Lord healed her stomach! Since then Mara has been fasting on water only, one day every week, and is totally committed to doing all the Lord is asking of us through ‘The Book of Truth’ messages.G

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