Worldwide Miracles & the Book of Truth 25th Story

Healing Testimony of Mission Team Organiser in China

Letter to Mission Team Speaker

Quote HealingLast Sunday I went to hospital for a check-up. And then I was told that there were two polyps in my womb and a cyst in my ovary. I was asked to have an operation. To be honest, I really did not expect this result. While I was sitting in the transfusion hall (for I am taking medicine by way of transfusion which is a common practice in China), I remembered the story of Maria Divine Mercy which you told me. Then there was peace in my heart and I just said to Jesus: “Lord, your will be done.” “Lord, your will be done.”
Then I felt and actually saw He was there with me, and smiling at me. Through the whole treatment I was at peace and appreciative for what I was undergoing.  I did not know what would happen in my body, but I was ready to accept what God wanted to happen.

The following morning, after saying the Crusade prayer with my spiritual director (a
priest), I went to the prayer room to get the Eucharist to take home. But after I took it out of the Tabernacle, I found that He wanted to stay on my chest …Then I held the Eucharist and put It on my chest for a while, before I put It into the tabernacle in my house. After that, I bowed down to the ground to worship Him.

Unexpectedly, He stretched out His hand, put it on my left shoulder, and said, “I will do it, be healed.” (One thing needs to be clarified here. It is that I did not pray for healing) … He said: “You cannot imagine how these words ‘Your Will be done’ pleased me such that I even wanted to heal you yesterday.”

Then He explained that because He needs me to lead His Remnant Army in China, and there are so many things He needs me to do, therefore He healed me. So now I just need to go to the hospital for treatment until this coming Saturday. An operation is no longer needed.   

And every treatment is the most sweet time for me to be with Jesus.  

Glory and praise to God forever! 

Jesus Heals

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