Worldwide Miracles & the Book of Truth 26th Story

Signs, Encouragement and Inspiration from China

When the Chinese Mission Team Organiser for China arrived in the city of Chengdu, China, in 2016, (where a ‘Book of Truth’ seminar had also been held in 2015) the group members told her that something happened during that first gathering.

St Michael golden light
At that talk, a lady saw St Michael standing behind the Mission Team Speaker. He was the same size as the speaker. Both speaker and translator were surrounded by white and yellow light.  

At this latest seminar (2016) when Chinese Mission Team Organiser was giving a talk to the group, the same lady, who saw St Michael and the light the first time, in 2015, saw that the speaker was surrounded by the same light as was seen on that first occasion.

Moreover, the figure of a dove appeared on her head.

Holy Spirit
The speaker was really encouraged by these visions because now she needed to give talks alone, as compared to when she was with the Mission Team Speaker in 2015. She was struggling to think of what to say in the talks she was to give, so she prayed at thpraying womane beginning of each hour, as she spoke, throughout the day.

Praying to Jesus, He inspired her as what she was to say, in what were whole day seminars, a long time for any speaker to deliver any talk!

(Mission Team Speaker/leader China)



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