Worldwide Miracles & the Book of Truth 27th Story

Miracle in Lourdes

(From Organiser of the French JtM Meetings)

Here is my little testimony of what happened in Lourdes.

There were three seminars in France in 2014: two in Paris, on 13 and 14 June; one in Lourdes, on 30 August.  Although there was only a small amount of assistance, not exceeding 30 persons per seminar, our Mother of Salvation showed us that she was there amongst us.

In Paris, she came nearly incognito, as only a couple of persons were blessed to smell her perfume of roses, at the end of both meetings. Those persons came to the French coordinator to ask her if she too smelt the perfume. She said she didn’t, and couldn’t, because she had a cold. But at the second meeting,  she happened to be able to smell the heavenly scent; not strong , and only for just a minute, and many others did too-

Our Lady of France
Our Lady of France

although not all. It was a perfume of roses, and the flowers we had put beside the Statue of Our Lady of France weren’t roses. Joseph had told us that She was present at each meeting, together with the Holy Spirit and St. Michael.                                                                         images                                                                                In Lourdes, it was much different. The venue was to be held in the conference room of the hotel in Lourdes, but just two weeks before, for safety reasons, we were asked to hold it in Pau, some 30 km away.

It was very difficult to find a conference room in Pau, and the organizers were pleased to find one in a city-owned building, where rooms were rented to some radical unions and left-wing parties, along with social or charitable societies. There was no alternative so the 190-seat room was booked, hoping that a priest would come to exorcise and bless the room just before the seminar started. The French coordinator came to visit the building and the room (the day before the seminar) and she found a poor room; untidied and dull. To add to her torment, none of the priests she contacted could come on that day, all being busy with meetings preparing the start of catechism teaching, four days later. So the organizers prayed for the success of the seminar, putting it all in the Hands of Our Lord Jesus.

When the guardians opened the door of the conference room to us, the very day of the conference, we all uttered a sound of contentment because the room had been cleaned, the sun was shining through the windows, and the building was quiet!

We felt the change as compared to the day before, but couldn’t imagine that the Holy Virgin was present. And we made it even more attractive witSeal Of The Living God Imageh the Crucifix, the Statue of the Holy Virgin, the big Seal of the Living God, and the white and pink flowers.s-l300

The seminar went on, Joseph was inspired, and one of the attendants who had been receiving locutions from Jesus said that his face turned different when he spoke about the Book of Truth; as if it lit up.

At the end of the seminar, people started to leave the room but the organizer asked them to stay, as there was still a chant to be sung, which was the Prayer of Abandonment from St Charles de Foucault. It was during this prayer that everybody sang, that the delicate perfume of roses filled the room. It persisted imagesduring the whole chant and everybody (but one) could smell it. All were smiling. The only person who couldn’t smell it was Pierre, who had come with his wife from Lyons. Maybe, it was because he had told Joseph that he didn’t like the portrait of Our Mother of Salvation on the Medal?

Mother of Salvation (medal)
Mother of Salvation as she is portrayed on the Medal.

(Ed Comment: That made me chuckle! But we all know that Our Lord loves him anyway!! I think Our Lady looks very noble on the medal; gracious, serene, prayerful, strong and regal, as we expect our Queen of Heaven would. See image to the right.)

God bless the remnant army and all Jesus to Mankind Crusade Prayer warriors in France.



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  1. Peter munns says:

    Truly amazing!!!…..Mother of Salvation pray for all those who struggle with their faith and belief in this most holiest of missions ever.
    Let us all remember the words of Pope urban the V111.
    ” In cases which concern private revelations, it is better to believe than not to believe, for, if you believe, and it is proven true, you will be happy that you have believed, because our Holy Mother asked it. If you believe, and it should be proven false, you will receive all the blessings as if it had been true, because you believed it to be true in the first place”. Amen.

    1. DonnaLiane says:

      Thank you Peter! A timely reminder! I was just reading an erroneous blog saying her teachings were false. But having prayerfully read the Book of Truth, I cannot see any evidence of anything contradicting faith or morals. Neither apparently, can some renowned theologians such as Dr Kelly Bowring who does not dismiss the messages. By contrast, we have received many blessings, graces, signs and miracles in various places without expecting such. And so many unlikely prophecies fulfilled to the letter. Well, seems the opinion of some bishops is not that of God Himself. In Him we trust.

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