Worldwide Miracles & the Book of Truth 29th Story

Sydney, Australia.

This is one story (among many) of the  Jesus to Mankind St. Benedict prayer group in Sydney, who runs the site More of their stories can be seen on their site Disciples 2aunder “Signs and Wonders”.

On Thursday 24th September, 2015, we had a visitor to our Prayer Group. Graham is the son of one of our prayer group members, and we had been praying and trying to help him. He had been far away from his Faith and living a hedonistic life. Then suddenly a few months ago, he went to Confession and Holy Communion. He had felt  touched with grace (in particular after receiving Holy Communion) and was inspired to continue to learn about God. He started to read the Bible but he also started to read anything he could find on the net, (some of which was not so good). Within weeks, he had turned and was accusing his mother of idolatry and worshipping holy pictures and statues, which was not the case. There were many other issues.                                                                                                   

His mother was trying to help him but found him very difficult to reason with. Prayer group member, Donna, was trying to help his mum with explanations, but nothing worked, and we were getting nowhere. Finally, a thought popped into Donna’s head. She said she would fast and pray for him and told his mum to invite him to our prayer group. Donna knew this was possibly inviting  a confrontation but she trusted God would show Graham the truth. So his mum asked him and surprisingly, he said he would come! There he was, last Thursday, at our JTM prayer meeting.              

It all seemed surprisingly normal, at first. He knelt and joined in all the prayers and the Rosary (we prayed the Sorrowful Mysteries) and The Divine Mercy Chaplet.                                                                                                                                                 

 At the end, as usual, we opened on 3 different readings from the Book of Truth and the Holy Bible.           B of T               

When we finished and started to chat, Graham said that every single word in every message felt meant for him. He was on a “spiritual high” he was full of zeal and ready to go and fight for Jesus! He no longer thought we were idolaters. Quite the opposite.

The theme for our Crusade prayers for that day was “Special Graces”.

After Graham and his mum arrived home, he texted me more information. He had been discussing the prayer group with his mum. Following is the conversation (as it is on my phone):

“Hi. It’s Graham. Just told mum about something that happened in prayer group today during the Crusade Prayers and she said I should have told you all. The entire room lit up and got brighter, like when someone turns up a dimmer. I didn’t think

much of it as I honestly thought someone had done just that…but mum said she never saw it. But it was so bright, she couldn’t have missed this!!”                                                                    

Actually none of the rest of us saw it. No-one went near the light switches and the fact was that the room was consistently lit only by the natural light coming through the windows. We wonder what Graham had seen!bright light

Further to the above description of the light, Graham later said, “I saw first, a flash of light, followed by a dim luminescence of the entire room. It slowly became brighter and brighter. I’m not sure how long it remained because I closed my eyes. At the time, I thought someone had simply switched on the light and turned it up.”  Graham, explaining this later, identified this happened during the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary.                                                                                                                                                                23bcd409542f97a3b04d8b87676f388dAnother notable thing, which I  mentioned to the group after we had said the prayers, was that during the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary, I heard a voice, behind my shoulder, say my name. I turned my head  in that direction, but quickly realized there was no-one there. The closest people were the ladies on either side of me, praying. I believe it was my guardian angel.GuaRDIOAN ANGEL

It seems I had this experience at the same time Graham was having his, each experience confirming the other.                                                                                   


Graham later also conveyed, “Ever since I  pray with you guys, many times, not ALL the time, but MANY times since, I see the Blessed Virgin Mary and Sweet Jesus standing over me, with their hands, one on each shoulder. Jesus’ right hand on my right shoulder, Mary’s left hand on my left shoulder. Jesus is ALWAYS on my right.”

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  1. Hilda Cabrera says:

    Hilda Cabrera from Burbank, CA: What a special grace!! Thanks be to God from whom all good things flow! God bless you for sharing this with us– It strengthens my hope that family members/relatives who have distanced themselves from God can still be saved by our heartfelt prayers of the rosary and Divine Mercy chaplet.

    1. DonnaLiane says:

      Always hope with joy in the Lord! We have had other conversions also; most happily and unexpectedly. The Rosary & Divine Mercy are powerful and very necessary prayers; certainly on a daily basis, but the addition of the Crusade Of Prayer for souls has produced many more wonderful conversions- just as Jesus promised. Just as a comparison, in all my years of praying, I have seen many more conversions (maybe 5 X more) than when simply praying the Rosary and Chaplet each day. God blesses the Mission as we strive to do His Work and to grow in love of Him.

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