Prophecy being fulfilled as events unfold – Changes to the Mass



Timeline of events so far:

  • Cardinal Sarah at a conference in Scotland announced that Mass should be said “Ad Orientum (i.e. with the priest facing the altar and leading the people in offering the Sacrifice to God) and that Communion should be received kneeling and on the tongue. See Catholic Herald, July 2016. He was later rebuked by Pope Francis for this.
  • An article by Fra Cristoforo on 03/01/2017 announced that there is a private commission made by Catholics, Lutherans and Anglicans, to “change the Mass”.
  • On 14th February 2017, an article mentions how Bergoglio, at Santa Marta speaks of the “usual beatification of Luther and his reform” and that “the Bishop of Rome has given further directions for a change of “Eucharistic Liturgy”. See


  • Pope Francis issued “Magnum Principium” on 3 Sept. 2017 which changes the rules…

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  1. CeleneMarie says:

    Watch this short report first:

    then read:

    Message: 13/09/2011

    “. . . The work of the deceiver has infiltrated My Church on every level. Very soon now, slowly but surely, you will see Holy Masses being reduced. You will see the removal of special prayers and some of the Sacraments, such as Confession, begin to diminish. I call on My sacred servants now to listen to Me and pray for discernment. It is I Who calls you now, so I can save your flock. It is I Who wants to open your hearts so you can plan for these end times, which will herald a brand new beginning for the world.”

  2. CeleneMarie says:

    CONFIRMED: The “Ecumenical Mass” has arrived

    1. DonnaLiane says:

      CelineMarie the only thing about that article at akacatholic is that it’s a parody of the Novus Ordo Mass and not a true report of what’s happening in the current situation which is giving Holy Communion in a sacrireligious way under the banner of Ecumenism. We do not depise any True Mass or Consecration and I feel it pulls attention away from this particular new, far more bold and deliberate Sacrirelige being celebrated by the “Breaking of the Bread” group with the permission of their Bishop.

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