The Nativity Scene Of the Anti-Church

Since this article was published on remnantdisciples, three more things have come out.
1. On second look I noticed an icon of Our Lady on a cracked/ crumbling church ⛪ wall,, at the side. It is the icon of Our Lady of Montevirgine which has been adopted by the transvestite, homosexual LGTBQ community near Avellino, Italy (near Naples) as their ‘icon’. Unfortunately, the town supports this culture. In fact, further research revealed that the entire nativity was chosen by the Vatican, to be made in that town by their artisans.
2. Secondly, I have read that the giant Christmas tree has no Christian symbols on it at all. But the Yin/Yang symbol does hang on the tree as well as the peace (broken cross) sign.
Here is an extract from a message given to Maria Divine Mercy on April 8th, 2014.

“My dearly beloved daughter, those who are My enemies are not those who do not believe in Me. No, they are the ones who know well Who I Am, but who hate Me. Not all of them understand why they hate Me, but they can be divided into two camps.

The first group dislikes the Truth. They enjoy participating in sinful pursuits, justify every wicked deed and act, and satisfy only their own lusts, at the expense of others’ needs. They care only for themselves and imitate every trait of the devil. Then, there are those who know Who I Am and What I Am, but who completely reject Me, in favour of Satan, under whose spell they have become entrapped. These are the people who will do, not only everything which is the opposite to what I taught them, but who will always insult Me, at every opportunity.

Just as satanic worship involves symbols, these traitors of Mine will taunt Me, by placing such wicked symbols of the devil before Me.”

The message is entitled “You will know these Traitors by their Symbolic Gestures, which insult My Divinity.”

3. The cherubs are anything but, up close. Ann Barnhardt thought they had breasts, with manly  faces, which is bad enough. But they actually seem to me to be little fleshy forelegs, bunched up in front of them; like those of a goat, complete with hooves on the end! One even seems to have white fur just above the hoof. This symbolises Satan and the demonic, of course. Either way, the cherubs ain’t cherubs!

Read the entire story of the Nativity of the Anti-Church in this year, 2017, below:



Removing Christ from Christmas

We have all seen the efforts to remove Christ at Christmas: “Happy holidays”;removing nativity scenes from shopping centres because they discriminate against other people’s beliefs; in most western countries the “Santa Claus” identity, which is used by retailers to sell their goods.

We have tried to fight back.Some stores (at least down here in Australia) have returned the traditional Nativity scene; I haven’t heard the phrase “happy holidays used in this country, but in U.S. I believe, there is a movement back to “Merry Christmas” instead of “happy holidays”.  We might think that there is not much we can do about Santa Claus – but wait, there is. Children love to hear about St Nicholas and the Christmas traditions of other cultures – e.g. “Christkindl”. We should teach our children that  Santa Claus is just a big copycat – not…

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