The Incorruptible Prophets of the End-Times

The following observation refers to a booklet on “Our Lady and the Saints” which gives an overview of many prophecies relating to the Church in this era. It is the last booklet on the list and available (for free) on the remnantdisciples site under the menu item, “Tools for Evangelisation.”

Link here:

The booklet’s intention is to reach out to those in the Church who are confused, who won’t read anything ‘not approved’ but who need to grasp the flame 🔥 of understanding.



It is interesting how our angels prepare us to realize things… I had been reading about incorrupt Catholic saints a few weeks ago, and was reminded of a few key ones on the same afternoon that I sat down to read mum’s booklet on Prophecies about the End Times: from Our Lady, the Saints and from the Bible.

In the previous weeks, I had read about little St. Jacinta’s body remaining incorrupt and I had wondered how any Catholic can reject the prophesies and events of Fatima, or declare that they ‘don’t have to believe’, which while being true, does not benefit their soul, and when God Himself testifies as to the authenticity. Rather, I would be afraid ‘not to believe!’

Additionally, while reading about the variety of saints whose bodies are incorrupt, it crossed my mind (fleetingly) that these were, many of them, saints whom I knew and…

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