Crusade of Prayer


Guidelines for Crusade Prayer groups:

  • Each member has to spend 15 minutes praying Crusade Prayers each day (cf. message of January 23rd 2013).
  • At every Crusade Prayer group meeting, there needs to be: a crucifix and Holy Water to make the sign of the cross (cf message of January 25th 2013).
  • The Crusade Prayer group meeting begins and ends with Crusade Prayer 96 (cf message of January 25th 2013)
  • The group prays the Crusade Prayers divided in parts or categories, spread over several days, but has to pray as much prayers as possible in one week (cf. message of May 16th 2012; March 7th 2013).
  • Each member prays every day the Rosary and the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy on his own (cf. message of April 23rd 2011; June 13th 2011).
  • The prayer group meets at a regular basis.
  • Every prayergroup is also a mission post in this Mission of Salvation, and has to engage, to the extent possible, to spread the messages of the Book of Truth (cf. message of September 3rd 2012; January 22nd 2013).

Download the Litany Prayers here

Download the Crusade Prayers here


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  1. Lorraine Pace says:

    Thank you for the work you are doing with this whole site.
    Do you know if there is a live Crusade prayer group, one that meets face to face in Barrie Ontario. If not is there a list somewhere of live,face to face Crusade prayer groups? I would really appreciate any info on this.
    Thank You and God Bless You.

    Remaining in the Truth of Christ,

    1. The Scent of Roses says:

      Hi Lorraine,
      Thank you. I’m afraid that unfortunately I won’t be able to help with information on prayer groups in your area.
      I do know however that two persons praying counts as a prayer group. So it doesn’t take a lot to form a prayer group.
      Best regards

  2. Hi can someone tell me if this site is still up and running or if ‘Scent of Roses’ has gone against the Mission. Here is the detail of an email going around which could be a ‘hacker’ on this blog.

    New post on Prophecies Book of Truth

    mdm false prophet
    by The Scent of Roses

    I hereby wish to declare that I no longer wish to have anything to do with the seer calling herself ‘Maria divine mercy’ or her prophecies. No more messages will appear on this site as I am now convinced that these messages are in fact false.

    I apologize for spreading her content and would like to advise to stay away from anything to do with the “seer” in the future. Souls are at stake and I believe the Irish lady to be a false prophet.

    Please disregard all previous content and or e-mails. Please destroy all digital and or physical copies coming from this website if possible. I hereby acknowledge all ecclesial authority and wish to express that I am truly sorry for basically assisting a false prophet.

    I acknowledge that MDM and her supporters are a religious sect.

    The Rosary and praying for discernment made me realize. I thank God it did.

    Please be careful looking up other prophets as well. Curiosity and spiritual jealousy or spiritual pride are not something to you want to be looking for. I regret that I was mislead by the other author on this site. All content of mine will, as a result thereof, be deleted. Thanks for understanding.

    Remember failed prophecies are failed prophecies, no matter how hard you try to reinterpret them. “MDM” prophesied many lies. She even deleted her website after her prophecies were proven to be false. I now realize. All her prophecies lead to nothing. God is not the author of lies and confusion.

    Please consider staying away from the “book of truth” and its contents.

    Best regards,

    ‘The Scent of Roses’

    The Scent of Roses | August 18, 2016 at 11:23 pm | Categories: Heresy and lies about Jesus | URL:
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    1. Crusader says:

      Hi, yes indeed, my collegue ‘the scent of roses’ has turned against the mission. He betrayed me during the night, when I was unaware of it. He deleted all his posts and sent an email to every subscriber, also on our Dutch website (with a lot more readers). And the strange thing is, I knew this would happen. I got a dream in january this year about me and him climbing a mountain (see also the message of august 2nd 2014), and suddenly he was exhausted and wasn’t able to go any further, so he wanted to let him go sliding downwards along the ice. But I noticed there were dark caves etc where he could fall in; so I grabbed his hand and helped him down.
      I want to add that I really don’t have the time to work on this site, so it won’t cease to exist, but I won’t post any further messages on it I think. Or if there is someone else who wants to help…? Always welcome.

      Kind regards & blessings

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