44. Discerning Prophets: Messages from the Book of Truth continued

Important extract regarding false prophets from message by Jesus given on April 28th, 2013: “Watch now as those appointed false prophets, prepared by Satan, will soon be taken into the bosom of those who say that they are servants of God. Their prophecies, all of which deny the Truth, will be used to disgrace you….

Prophecy of the Sun -now seen in NASA data.

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AM+DG Is this another prophecy being fulfilled? “Without the Light of My Presence the sun will not shine” “Without the Truth you will live in a world where nothing you hear will bring you peace. Without the Light of My Presence the sun will not shine– it will become dull and…

43. Discerning Prophets: Messages from the Book of Truth continued

“The cunning of the beast is beyond your comprehension, My beloved followers. He is careful never to reveal himself and so he hides behind the Truth. When he is present in poor, deluded souls, he will use the Truth of God to hide behind, until the right moment. Then, out will be poured obscenities against the Word of God, but to many, this will not be clearly evident. Look behind the words, which will be carefully constructed and you will detect the lie. This is the kind of force, which God’s children will have to contend with”

The Incorruptible Prophets of the End-Times

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AMDG It is interesting how our angels prepare us to realize things… I had been reading about incorrupt Catholic saints a few weeks ago, and was reminded of a few key ones on the same afternoon that I sat down to read mum’s booklet on Prophecies about the End Times: from…

Seal of the Living God testimony

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I have been a believer in the Book Of Truth since Lent of 2011 and my children, husband and myself have prayed the Seal Prayer pretty much daily since it was given by God. We have been wearing the Seal Scapulars for a few years and have…

Oath of Allegiance and Changes to the Mass – Setting up the Infrastructure for the New One-World Church

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A+M+D+G Priests beware – Oath of allegiance to Francis by Council of Cardinals on 13th  Feb. 2017 See https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/breaking-council-of-cardinals-pledge-allegiance-to-pope-francis ? An article by Fra Cristoforo on 03/01/2017 announced that there is a (secret) private commission made up of Catholics, Lutherans and Anglicans, to “change the Mass”. http://freerepublic.com/focus/f-religion/3530742/posts ? On 14th February,…