Law of confession now changed – prophecy being fulfilled.

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AM+DG Prophecy in the Book of Truth moves closer  to fulfilment in many ways. The latest is the new Confession laws passed as law in Victoria, Australia. See: “The legislation in Victoria came as a response to the final report of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex…

Beware: The Coming of the New Evangelisation!!

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As most readers know, many major prophecies have been made in The Book of Truth which were unusual and specific. Some have far-reaching consequences of major impact. This is one of them and it appears that it may be about to unfold. You need to be informed and be aware of…

Prophecy Fulfilled: Substitutions made one after the other

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Dr Taylor Marshall shared this image on Twitter this morning, from a celebration of the ‘Holy Thursday Mass of the Last Supper’: A Crusader friend had sent it to me early this morning. The first thing I noticed was naturally that the inverse of what is meant to occur, according to…

Prophecy and the Burning of Notre Dame

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The tremendous fire which suddenly and unexpectedly engulfed and ravished The Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris is certainly a momentous historical event which can be read in many ways. It was witnessed, with grief, the world over and from the outset, the stark simple words, which came to me in…

A JtM Miracle of Healing in My Family: Part 2

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AM+DG Recently, a family event took me for a visit far North from me (an 8 hour drive) to visit my husband’s uncle again. I relished the opportunity to see them all and spend time with them over the weekend plus a few extra days. Amongst the celebrations there were some…

Crusaders are an Army!!!

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AM+DG Crusaders are an ARMY! An army has a leader – a General . An army has a mission to defeat the enemy that threatens them. An army has weapons – that are approved of, and supplied by the Army Leader/General. The weapons chosen are the best weapons available that are…

44. Discerning Prophets: Messages from the Book of Truth continued

Important extract regarding false prophets from message by Jesus given on April 28th, 2013: “Watch now as those appointed false prophets, prepared by Satan, will soon be taken into the bosom of those who say that they are servants of God. Their prophecies, all of which deny the Truth, will be used to disgrace you….